J.Crew has teamed up with two US-based brands to celebrate that time we decided fucking with England wasn't really our steez anymore, even if they had those fire flames red coats. The first brand is Ebbets Field, who made a "1776" hat which is kinda smeh, while the other is New Balance, who did up their popular 998 style in a dope ass red, white and blue colorsway. The Fourth of July is fun mostly because you get to start boozing at, like, noon, which actually could just be your average, run of the mill Sunday depending on how sad your life is. But on the Fourth of July, you get to suppress all that liberal guilt about Imperialism that you suppress most of the time anyway and conjure that shit up over douchey dinner conversations. But, I mean, how could anyone hate a place that blows a ton of shit up IN THE FUCKING SKY for spectacle once a year, every year? J.Crew x New Balance drops June 18.

Images via Selectism.