If you read the site, then you know we're all about the maxim of placing style above fashion. As opposed to chasing trends, a stylish dude should have a set of beliefs and convictions that he exudes and expresses via his personal appearance. Normally, fashion weeks place the emphasis on the F-word, trying to sway the conversation toward stand-out pieces and new fads. Baartmans and Siegel, however, may just be the dopest collection shown at London Collections: Men, and it's because the emphasis was placed on style over fashion. 

Granted, there were a few details thrown in the mix that kept things interesting, but the majority of each look focused on quality-crafted garments that are supremely wearable no matter what your personal sense of style may be. Designers Amber Siegel and Wouter Baartmans played around with the use of various fabrics and layering, and the result made it clear to many that Baartmans and Spiegel is a name that will be joining numerous wardrobes come next spring.

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