Badass style tip: Oversized, free-flowing gear in warm weather keeps your body and overall vibe cool.

When you have a well-known nickname like “The Scourge of God” before the Internet was around to digitally spread it like wildfire, you are a highfalutin source of badassery. Attila the Hun’s bloodthirsty rule led to his takeover of large portions of Asia and Europe in the 400s. And sometimes, when he wasn’t pillaging and demanding large sums of gold, it got a little warm out there. Attila’s knack for rocking oversized, draped gear to allow for proper ventilation back in the earliest of times is still inspiration to this day. Baggier, more free-flowing gear not only looks cool, but it will allow your body to breathe during the most strenuous of activities as the sun scorches the earth.