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YG is possibly the hottest rapper on the west coast right now. The success of his debut album, My Krazy Life has catapulted the Young Gangster from Compton to the forefront of hip-hop. As a result of being in the spotlight, fans have begun to emulate his style, something YG understands comes with the territory.  Footaction recently caught up with the rapper to talk about his personal style and find out how he decides what to wear each day. 

"If I'm getting up in the morning to chill, I'll throw on some basketball shorts, no shirt, some socks, tattoos out," he explains in the two minute clip. "If I'm going to hang out with the homies in the streets I put on some Levis 501s, some Chucks, a snapback, white T-shirt or a hoodie." 

Find out what YG likes to wear to his shows and more in the video above. 

[via Footaction]