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As more news continues to spread about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding, including all the pre-festivities in Paris and the impressive guest list, Italian outlet Corriere Fiorentino reports that there will be an artistic component to the ceremony at Fort Belvedere in Florence.

According to CF, guests at the wedding will be surrounded by 20 sculptures made by renowned Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft, who is more recently known for her controversial performance pieces and human installations. She and Kanye most recently collaborated on designing the Yeezus tour and directing his 30-minute Runaway film.

CF reports that these sculptures were previously shown in Milan in 2011, likely at the Lia Rumma Gallery. These Carrara Marble pieces are an excellent fit for the wedding in their exploration of color, the female form, and what it means to be alive. When the pieces were unveiled, Beecroft told NOWNESS, "I wanted to transform the women into marbles, or into something between women and marbles. They looked like aliens—I related to that. In totality, it was like a camouflage of real and unreal; mimetic pieces made by real and unreal people."

However, these pieces from her 2011 exhibition supposedly comprise only some of the works, so we'll see if any new Beecroft pieces show up.

UPDATE: There's a sign outside Fort Belvedere saying that an art installation, social dinner, and musical accompaniment taking place today. [via Twitter]

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[via CorriereFiorentino]