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Have you ever wanted to know how people which emoji characters were being used at a specific time in Canada, Spain, or Italy? Well, thanks to the "Silicon Feelings" web app, now you can. 

Developer Bradley Griffith programmed the application to show geotagged emoji characters in real-time. The app only shows the top 400 of 800 possible characters to avoid bugs, but that is still plenty of emotion for one map. On the topic of emotion, Griffith tells PSFK that "the project’s emotional element was more in the design." He explains by saying that "If I had simply made Earth with the Emoji appearing on it – floating in space on a bootstrapped webpage – it might have looked completely in line with the current popular attention towards Emoji. Instead Earth is suspended in dusty air, the social buttons are absent, and the Tweets associated with each Emoji go undisplayed."

Griffith also says that for him, emoji characters "represent an important early step in the direction of tearing down our language barriers." As avid emoji users, we can definitely agree with that. We would type entire articles using emoji characters if we could, but that probably wouldn't go over so well most readers.  

Head to the Silicon Feelings site to watch to see how the world is feeling. As to be expected, there are a few spots where there is absolutely no activity, but you can probably guess which emoji characters the people of those regions would use if they could.

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[via PSFK]