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The '90s era of rap was filled with the birth of sheer thuggery. Guns, drugs, murder, explicit sex; and that's just on AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. The introduction and subsequent emergence of "gangsta rap" could quite possibly be one of the biggest revolutions the music world has ever seen. Same goes for the blinged-out boasting that developed when rappers started making serious dough off their music. But one thing that was established that can be seen as an outright positive effect of the era was the style the rappers of this time period championed. 

The whole "style is cyclical" argument is applicable to just about every period of fashion you can imagine. Except hip-hop style in the '90s. That's because it's never left. Pieces of it have existed ever since. All black outfits. Expensive shades. Big jewelry. Timbs, Wallabies or Jordans. And most of all, purveyed swag. We see them. We emulate them. Rappers were, and still are our culture's spokespeople. And these rappers were pioneers and catalysts. Pay homage to The Most Stylish Rappers of the '90s.

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