According to Supreme's creative director Brendon Babenzien, "fashion is sad and a disaster." believes so. In a rare interview with Bysuchandsuch, the man behind some of Supreme's most coveted clothing speaks on finding his enthusiasm for fashion when he was young, growing up in Long Island during the '80s, his first design for Supreme, and more. 

"The creative part is the stuff that inspires the clothing: musicians, writers, artists, skateboarding, surfing, volleyball, whatever the fuck it is...Those are the things that really matter," he explains. "Clothing just comes out of that. That stuff is more important to me than the actual product."

Babenzien also went on to say that "people don't have the confidence to just do them. If they did, you would feel that from them." Check out the entire interview above. 

[via Highsnobiety]