Rihanna has easily become one of the most stylish women both men and the fairer sex pay attention to. In fact, as of late, even all the big fashion houses and designers can't get enough of RiRi and her style. Who's to thank for that? Though there's definite collaboration between the two, the singer's stylist Mel Ottenberg, plays a huge role. 

In a recent New York Times article, Ottenberg explains how he became interested in the pop star and how her love of fashion has blossomed within the last few years. 

“Her love of fashion, her becoming such a genius at using fashion as a creative expression, that’s sort of blossomed in the last couple years,” Ottenberg told the NY Times

“I saw the potential there,” he continued. “I could take that and really do something with that. My whole thing was she’s so beautiful, she’s so over the top, she doesn’t need so much stuff. We can strip it down." 

Ottenberg's expertise has certainly helped. Next week, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) will award Rihanna with the 2014 Fashion Icon award. Ottenberg believes the award is a culmination of their collaborative efforts since working on her first live concert, Loud

“To see it opening night, to see it live and to see the fans freaking out and singing along, I was hooked,” said Ottenberg. “I was like: ‘This is cool. This is something different. You can do something with this. You can start trends. This is something people will talk about.’"

Some celebrity stylist have become notorious for splitting with clients, but Ottenberg won't be going anywhere anytime soon. "Working with her is really fulfilling," he said. 

Read the full interview here

[via New York Times]

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