PEEP THESE CUSTOMIZED BIRKS. WOW, SO FUCKING RARE AND NXT LVL. I was a little curious when my editor sent me an email that only contained a link to these grams of mysterious Birkenstocks, but after literally two clicks, I realized they were a product of JBF Customs, some dude who makes custom re-builds of classic sneakers with the most expensive material known to man. But don't get your hopes up, you broke motherfuckers. JBF'S PRICES START AT A G BAR. That's right, if you ain't got a rack on deck, you ain't got endangered Birks on your feet. I can't wait 'til I see a bunch of struggle DIY customs on Tumblr. REBUILDING A SHOE ISN'T THE SAME THING AS DIPPING A HANES TEE IN SOME FUCKING DYE, BRO.