When you think of bachelorette parties, chances are you wouldn't consider a museum to be the perfect venue. The Museum Hack tour company provides "nontraditional" tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History in New York City, and apparently art-loving women are now choosing statues and paintings over strippers and penis pops.

Museum Hack founder Nick Gray tells Newsweek that he began offering the bachelorette party tour when he noticed that women were a large part of his company's demographic. "It’s a classy way to do a nontraditional bachelorette party," says Gray. "We also just think that the museum lends itself to sexy, salacious, gossipy stories." 

The tours (which are in no way affiliated with the museums) are designed to guide women around art that focuses on "love and lust and the challenges of lifelong matrimony." A bride-to-be that was interviewed for the Newsweek article said that she chose the tour because she "wanted something different." If you or someone you know wants the same for their next party, or if you simply want to experience a "renegade tour" with some buddies, check out the Museum Hack website.

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[via Newsweek]

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