When cities can’t grow out any more, they grow up. But what happens when they stop growing up? They grow in-between.

In order to deal with increasing housing demands in already popular areas, Denmark-based designers Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann have invented a quirky solution: buildings between buildings. Their “Live Between Buildings” proposal fills in the space between existing buildings with innovative architectural finesse.

The in-between structures will be constructed primarily from Fakro window technology. This will allow the spaces to be lit with natural light, as well as keep residents feeling close to their natural and urban surroundings. The narrow spaces would utilize the preexisting walls from each adjacent building and float above the street below.

The “Live Between Buildings” project won an award at the New Vision of the Loft 2 competition for its unmatched ability to contribute to a higher density of living in an environmentally friendly way.

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[via VisualNews]