Hey, remember when I was like, "Guys, I'm not so sure about how much I'm starting to like 3/4 length sleeved shirts?” WELL, I GOT OVER THAT SHIT RIGHT QUICK WITH THE HELP OF THIS KAPITAL BASEBALL TEE. FATALITY! YOU KILLED IT WITH THIS ONE, KAPITAL. The "Kohaze" stitching at the cuff is a really nice touch. Doesn't "Kohaze" sound like a new strain of weed that all the rappers are gonna start talking about? It's about time you guys stopped smoking kush. C'mon son, even my lame cousin that thinks you can only smoke weed out of bongs knows about kush. Because we have medical marijuana in my city, there are a few dispensaries here that advertise what new strains they have. The hot new strain in the D is, and I kid you not, "Larry OG," which is hilarious to me 'cause that's the same name of The Pinz's EIC. Although, I don't add the "OG" part when talking to Lawrence, who the fuck knows what goes down at the Complex offices when I'm not in town? Probably nothing TBH.