Calorie counting has never been easier since the advent of fitness monitors. First were chips inside your shoes and then came more advanced wearable bands from the likes of Nike. And now Intel introduces the next evolution in activity trackers with the unveiling of a T-shirt that tracks your heart rate.

Introduced during the Code conference in California, the new tee is essentially a computerized shirt powered by Intel’s new Edison micro-computer. Embedded sensors made from conductive fibers in the fabric gather heart rate data, which is then transmitted via Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi to your mobile phone. All the electronics are discretely hidden in small pouch so you don’t have to worry about looking like a robot. 

The shirts are targeted towards avid fitness freaks, but with this technology there is a possibility it can grow to something more than just workout gear. “You can imagine shirts for kids, for parents to be able to monitor them, or for the elderly and for people that need to be monitored on a 24-by-7 basis,” according to Mike Bell, Intel’s head of new devices. Only time will tell if this new smart gear will catch on.

[via New York Times