No longer just a place for Swedish meatballs and furniture with names you can't pronounce, IKEA is soon to be an exhibition space.

By 2015, the company hopes to open a museum in their first store, which opened in 1943 in the rural Swedish town of Malmoe. But it doesn't look like there will be a lot of art on view inside former furniture warehouse.

Instead, the IKEA museum will be about all things IKEA. "We intend to tell stories not only on our product range but also on how the IKEA business developed and about people, and of course to give a fun and interactive experience to visitors," said Michele Acuna, the managing director of the future exhibition space.

The company has allocated 3,500 square meters to the museum and predicts that 200,000 visitors per year will cross its threshold. Who these hoards of IKEA fanatics are, we are scared to find out.

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[via ArtDaily]