Artist Gregory Kloehn conceived of a way to use discarded materials that is both smart and extremely kind. Using trashed wood and other materials like sheet metal and washing machine doors, Kloehn built little mobile homes for the homeless. Each of the structures was painted in vibrant hues to spruce them up a little, but even if they were left unpainted, they would still look awesome.

Kloehn's structures are a part of the Homeless Homes Project, an initiative described as an assymetrical approach to modern living where collective ideas, good will, and basic construction skills unite to repurpose the abundance of everyday garbage into viable living spaces." Kloehn and the other builders source materials from illegal dumping sites and commercial waste to "diminish money's influence over the building process." 

We're not sure how this project would work in a city like New York where security and space would be major issues, but elsewhere this could be a huge step toward getting people off of the streets (sort of) and dealing with excess waste.

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[via Designboom]