Alright, straight up, right out the gate, good taste is a fucking myth. If you don't have have that shit in the year 2014 of our lord, you suck at technology. That's really your only excuse. Like, I'm pretty sure you don't even know how to turn the emoji keyboard on your iPhone 4s. That or, okay, you're incredibly lazy. Dawgs, there's literally so much cool shit on the Internet we're gonna forfeit our net neutrality over it. I'm perplexed as to how you lack a cogent response to my questions about your thoughts on the latest exhibit at the ICA. How are you not gonna have an opinion about Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg: A World of Glass? NO, NOT EVERYTHING IS A FUCKING MARINA ABRAMOVIC PROJECT. Seriously, you need to develop good taste or you're going to end up sounding like Jay Z, dropping the same tired references since 2006. Walk with me.