A popular choice for memorializing human figures is rendering those figures as statues, and often it seems, the thought runs something like this: the bigger the hero, the bigger the statue. In his ongoing series “Colosses,” French photographer Fabrice Fouillet chronicles the biggest of these monuments, the ones that dominate the landscape with their massive proportions. The artist likes to capture people in these pictures, to emphasize just how gargantuan these statues truly are.

Fouillet is interested in not just the way these tributes fit into their surrounding environments, but the “human-sized desire behind these gigantic declarations.”

Even though he’s been traveling around the world for a year, he still hasn’t made it to every monument he wants to capture. The Statue of Unity in India, an in-progress work that, once completed, will be the tallest in the world (twice the height of the Statue of Liberty) is definitely on his list.

“I think the proliferation of huge statues from the 1990s on falls within this continued belief in teaching through example,” the artist told Slate. “They are typical of an eagerness to teach by using great men and their memory to illustrate important lessons.

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[via Slate]