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It's bizarre when your vision of a parody comes to life and it's not meant as a joke. If someone asked us to design a home for a little old white lady from Tennessee who wants to take her country music roots to the West coast, Dolly Parton's home is exactly what we would come up with.

Parton took the "Western" theme to the extreme with this home that looks like a decades-old set from a cowboy film. From the abundance of cacti and other plants, the depressing beige and dusty pink exterior, and the nauseating mix of woods and other miscellaneous and floral materials inside, you would never guess that this eyesore is located in West Hollywood. The listing calls it an "eclectic and whimsical oasis" and mentions that it is "said to be the former childhood residence of Natalie Wood."

With a garage that is being used as a guest suite and a price tag of $1.395 million dollars, we suspect that the buyer (if there is one) will have much bigger plans for the plot of land and won't actually be attracted to anything that we can see here.

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