Although most people have stopped shooting with film and even digital cameras, settling for their handy iPhones instead, there's something unique about the archaic disposable camera. Maybe it's the fact that you don't know how your photos are going to turn out until they have been developed, or that there's this distinct, gritty quality about them. Since 2013, The Masked Gorilla has been going to concerts armed with a disposable camera, bringing us true-to-life snapshots from concerts by SXSW 2014, Overdoz, and even the one and only Lil B.

The guys recently took a disposable camera backstage at a Lil B concert in New York. A film roll later, they left with these based photos of the rapper/rap phenom/inspirational figure. Half of them features Lil B rapping on stage, while the other half shows him snapping selfies with fans. Hit the thumbs to check out some of the pics, and head over to The Masked Gorilla's page to see them all. 

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