Huffington Post landed themselves a very based interview with rap phenom/author/rapper and motivational speaker Lil B. It looks like we can't always refer to Lil B as the Based God as it's something he "aspires to be" and something that speaks to him.

Lil B clears up the differences between Brandon McCartney, Lil B and the Based God, and what it takes to compose a song for the Based God:

What's the difference between Brandon McCartney, Lil B, and Based God?
It's all run by one person, but, real talk, Brandon McCartney is a book author, the Based God is perfect and Lil B is the trendsetter, the person that everyone follows and pays attention to. The Based God is amazing, man. I actually released a classical music album [Choices and Flowers] executive produced by Lil B and the Based God composed it. The album actually debuted on the Billboard Top 100.

What does it mean that Lil B produced it but the Based God composed it?
I can't make Based God music all the time. The Based God is something that is better than Lil B and better than Brandon McCartney; he's something that I aspire to be. Sometimes, I know it's not me that makes this music. Like, when the Based God comes, he speaks to me. It's not me, even though I'm there playing the music live, myself. I give it all to Based God, I'm just putting stuff together that the Based God gives me. We're just making history day by day, brother.

So, I just want to clarify, you are not the Based God? He is some sort of super national presence that just takes over when you're writing lyrics and music?
The Based God is a very complex thing. I know the Based God. The Based God's here, I can't say anybody else knows him personally, but he's here. The Based God showed himself in a video a couple years ago, it was a rare glimpse. Like I said, I'm Lil B and I just aspire to be the Based God. The Based God's perfect.

Dear Based God, please show us your presence. Head over to Huffington Post to read Lil B's thoughts on the parallels between the rap industry and the NBA, and what motivates him.

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