All-American mall retailer and overall tragedy Abercrombie & Fitch may finally be taking some of their recent criticisms to heart.

After over a year of bad press and profit loss, CEO Mike Jeffries has agreed to take on a few changes that may turn the failing brand around. Starting in the stores, the lights are to be turned up, the blinds removed, and (for the first time) the company is testing out window displays. Furthermore, the olfactory assault that is the Abercrombie cologne is to receive a cutback, with in-store spraying of the scent reduced be 25 percent.

In terms of style, the company has begun to scale down the oversized moose logos, introduce a roomier "classic fit" t-shirt alternative to its musclely slim tees, and (gasp) finally sell clothing in the color black.

Will street goths begin shopping at Abercrombie? That's unlikely, but maybe the changes will finally turn around a brand that's seen nothing by hard times as of late.

[via Business of Fashion]