Dubbed by many as “The Japanese Andy Warhol,” Takashi Murakami is considered one of the most iconic contemporary artists today. Much of his artwork has sold for millions and has appeared in many of the biggest galleries in the world. He is also credited with founding the artistic movement known as Superflat, which unites fine art with lowbrow Japanese pop.

Over the course of the past two decades, Murakami has expanded his practice beyond the art world. His resume includes designing luxury Louis Vuitton bags, hosting a weekly radio talk show in Tokyo, collaborating with famous rappers and musicians, and helping young, talented artists gain international exposure.

Today Murakami's first live-action movie, Jellyfish Eyes, is being screened in New York. In honor of this film debut, we would put together a list of 20 Reasons Takashi Murakami is the Man.

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