First things first: what's the worst-dressed city in the UK? That'd be Cardiff (of Wales), but calling it Ground Zero or the Hellmouth would be apt too. A couple years ago, traveling lifestyle photog Manciej Dakowicz visited Cardiff and the snapshots of local nightlife he came away with are nothing short of apocalyptic. Your definition of a turnt night is seeing a couple high-heeled girls puking and a dude passed out on a stoop? Cool but that's light weight in Wales.

We mined Maniciej's photos initially just for viewing pleasure but that quickly yielded the not-so-shocking discovery that yep, the sloppiest city in the world also can't dress for shit. You can do more than just laugh, cringe and cry at these photos, however. Elevate their purpose. Learn from these ratchet overlords to finesse your own going out experience to a higher level. Here are Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Worst Dressed City in the UK.

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