Remember when a 14-year-old kid came forward with a plan to save the world, urging all to start using the more sustainable Garamond font? Although there were some major holes in his findings and proposal, the kid may have been onto something with his creative problem solving. That was weeks ago. Now, those at UK stationery company Ryman Stationery have decided to hop on the eco-friendly bandwagon and go green with an original font of their own.

Introducing Ryman Eco, heralded as the "world's most beautiful sustainable font" by Grey London, one of the creative forces behind the new script, free and available for download now. It uses 33 percent less ink than "standard" fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Verdana, according to the brand's website. Instead of solid letters, Ryman Eco consists of finer, outlined letters.

Although it seems like a decent plan, critics are skeptical. Many dismiss the idea of sustainable fonts; instead they are more concerned with ending the world's dependence on paper communication. "Using no paper at all would do a lot more to help the environment," Ad Weekly's David Gianatasio said. "But Ryman probably doesn't want to hear about that."

In any case, Ryman's offering a quick and simple solution that just may make a difference. After all, Rome wasn't built in one day. Change takes baby steps first. What do you think? Can this new font work? Down to make the switch from Times New Roman to Ryman Eco? Peep the font's promo video below:

[via HuffPost]

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