For Sam Rodriguez, art draws from many worlds, but has a singular purpose: to inspire. Like many artists, he started his work as a kid, sketching his favorite comic book characters. As he matured, he moved on to many different genres: commercial art, fine art, graffiti, and others. "I used to tend to separate those things," Rodriguez says. "Now I'm trying to put it all together."

There is no better place for that convergence than at SXSW, the world-renowned annual gathering of many different creative mediums and minds. "I see worlds colliding at SXSW," says Rodriguez. "You have art, music, the community. ...Connections are being made in person."

Drawing inspiration from his time in Austin, Sam created a new piece, sponsored by Boost Mobile, that celebrates this spirit of worlds colliding. You can check it out and hear more of Sam's thoughts on his art by watching the video above.