Supreme is influenced by an eclectic musical taste, and the label’s collaborations run the gamut from hip-hop to rock. Of course there are the big name artists like Lady Gaga, Dipset, and Miles Davis, but over the years the streetwear brand may have put you onto other names that you might not immediately be familiar with, like the reggae label Wackies or The Misfits. Supreme continues to add to its catalog of musical collaborations with the addition of the new Supreme x Dead Kennedys collection.

Formed in 1978, the American hardcore punk band was an integral part of the punk movement. The music was loud, filled with killer riffs, and bass line’s with lyrics that tackled political issues with tracks like "Kill the Poor," "Holiday in Cambodia," "When Ya Get Drafted." Fun fact: The band's single “Too Drunk To Fuck” was the first song on the UK Top 40 to include “fuck” in the title. 

The upcoming capsule collection uses original artwork from the Dead Kennedys along with two new original designs. Included will be a work jacket, pullover hoodie, sweat shorts, a long sleeve tee, and three graphic T-shirts. All items will be available in-store and online on April 10. Hopefully this time the cops won’t come and ruin your parade.


[via Supreme]

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