You're probably too young to remember, but Ronald Reagan used to have Barack Obama's job. While not everyone loved Reagan or his politics (Google "crack baby myth" and "Reaganomics"), there are those who consider his eight years in office to be among the best that this country has experienced in a long time.

Inspired by the way Reagan handled the Cold War, artist Scott Lobaido decided that only the "Teflon President" could handle the current situation with Russia. "Putin and Kim Jong-un would be wearing diapers if Reagan were here for just a day," he told DNAInfo. "Reagan, like all presidents, had some baggage, but he ended the Cold War without firing a single shot, and we were feared and respected." Lobaido created a 13-foot-tall poster of Reagan with his muscly arms folded, "The Gipper" tatted on one bicep, and the words "Dear God, Let Me Go Back For Just A Day" printed on his white tee.

The mural began its journey in Staten Island and Lobaido says that it will hung in various locations around the city, so keep your eyes open for Ronnie in your hood.

[via ANIMAL]