Just as the world as seen with Banksy and all that the elusive street artist has done, anonymity makes you all the more alluring to the public. As with anything, however, there's another side to this discussion on anonymity. "Undercover," an upcoming exhibition at Brooklyn's Simon/Neuman2 Gallery, touches on this notion of disguise through the photos of artists Ruvan Wijesooriya and Albert Grøndahl. All of their images show people who are covered in some way, either consciously or unconsciously, and they present a lot of questions. What are the motives for disguising yourself in today's society? Is the process more liberating or confining?

Ruvan, whose photos of LCD Soundsystem we've featured before, has captured gritty, very real moments within "what seems a chaotic, eccentric surrounding." Most of his latest photos were shot in New York City and reflect on the bustling city's changing landscape and people. They depict both the intimacy and loneliness the city offers.

"Undercover" opens April 24, and it will be on view until May 25. From the looks of Ruvan's stunning images above, it's a show well worth stopping by and seeing.

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