When Kanye West said that he was a God, some people got really upset. Referring to yourself as royalty is one thing, but when you bring religion into the equation you're bound to trouble the waters (see what we did there?).

An unidentified street artist in Los Angeles picked the perfect time (a religious holiday weekend) to put up this piece of Yeezus as Jesus Christ, posed as if he has been crucified, with the words "the New Messiah?" written next to him. Kanye is depicted shirtless but he is wearing a white loincloth, red Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, and a gold chain with no Jesus piece (for obvious reasons). Sneakerheads are going to debate the footwear choice, Yeezy fans are going to use the photo as their phone's wallpaper, and others are going to be really pissed that this surfaced on Good Friday.

[via EntertainmentWise]

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