I don't know about you guys, but, damn, I've been hearing a lot about interns lately. Like, there was that intern that sued that company and then all those people wrote all those thinkpieces about unpaid work and how it wasn't fair and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I get it, it's hard to break into any industry and a creative field isn't any different in that way than other, more "traditional" ones. And I get it that it sucks to be uncredited and unpaid while you work long hours with the hope that one day someone will remember how awesome you were at getting coffees and stapling things that they'll offer you a job. It's just hard for me to feel all that sympathetic with interns because, to be quite honest, I never really fucked with the whole internship thing. One, I was using my time off from college doing what everyone should do: smoke weed in cars with my friends and get really drunk at odd times of the day. Two, in no way, shape or form do I have the attitude to be an intern. I WOULDN'T TAKE THAT SHIT SERIOUSLY EVEN IF YOU PAID ME BECAUSE AT 19 OR 20 YEARS OLD I COULDN'T BE PAID TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING.

Regardless, I just hope the unpaid internship institution persists so that I too can have interns to berate at some point. Clearly, I've already expressed my fantasy of being a really mean womenswear editor a bunch of times, and abusing interns is part and parcel of being a mean editor. "Oh, you didn’t enjoy that internship you had at GQ last year? They don't have lox like Girls said, and John Jannuzzi never even said 'good morning' to you? Even when you tried to talk Game of Thrones? WELL, I MAKE JANNUZZI LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TEDDY RUXSPIN. NOW GO GET ME AN ESPRESSO FROM BLUE BOTTLE AND NOT THE ONE THAT'S CLOSE TO HERE. THOSE BARISTAS ARE INCOMPETENT. GO TO THE ONE FARTHEST FROM HERE AND BRING BACK MY SHIT PIPING HOT OR I'LL MAKE YOU CRY IN THE FASHION CLOSET LIKE YOU'RE THE STRUGGLE VERSION OF LAUREN CONRAD. WHAT'S THAT? YOU DON'T NEED THIS INTERNSHIP? YOU THINK YOU'RE FUCKING BETTER THAN LAUREN CONRAD? NO ONE'S BETTER THAN LAUREN CONRAD."

Anyways, evidently fed up with the whole internship machine, a bunch of former interns teamed up to put out this magazine, super creatively titled, Intern Magazine. Do you guys think it's, like, half done and not fully realized because, like most interns, the staff lacks the experience, worldliness and general follow-through to actually produce anything worthwhile? I dunno. I just hope all the contributors got paid.