Carven is one of those labels that I always associate with really classy people. Like, I'm pretty sure if anyone on the Four Pins team owns Carven, it's probably Rachel because she uses big words and can make actual jokes about art and theory and shit. But then I realized that I really like this Carven sweatshirt with unnecessary zippered pockets and I'm totally not classy. I've reached the point in my life that I'm almost completely immune to social pressures to act normally when in public. This is the true curse of the freelancer, especially one "working" in #menswear. I wore a fucking tunic to a really nice dinner the other night. I looked like your mom on her "free day" when she hits up the mall to return all those polo shirts you don't like anymore to Kohl's. But I was eating a really elaborate meal with appetizers and suggested wine pairings. I spent the whole intermezzo of sorbet palette cleansers tweeting in all caps, which is obviously not classy in the slightest. So maybe Carven is for everyone? MAYBE CARVEN IS FOR THE PEOPLE.