When an elderly woman in Spain took it upon herself to restore a 100-year-old painting of Jesus in a church in Borja, Spain, she became the laughing stock of the art community and beyond. Cecilia Giménez's hilariously horrible restoration of Ecce Homo was dubbed "Ecce Mono" and "Beast Jesus" because it made the Son of God look like a hairy monkey. 

But since her contribution to the century-old painting, Giménez has only been on the rise. The botched restoration job spawned memes, merchandise, and even an SNL skit, driving tourists to the otherwise quiet town. Giménez even opened her own art show last year and sold a painting on eBay. now she will bring her talents to the screen as the star in Spanish musician Ángel Petisme's music video.

Petisme will play Jesus in his music video, who rises from the grave to thank Giménez. Pestime told the Spanish news outlet Heraldo that Giménez's restoration job was an act of love, no matter what the result. The music video is for Pestime's song “El ministerio de la felicidad,” or “The Ministry of Happiness.”

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[via Artnet]