Last month, Lady Gaga had her friend, the artist Millie Brown, vomit bright green liquid onto her during her SXSW performance. A month prior, Shia LaBeouf’s plagiarism-turned-performance art whirlwind culminated in an exhibition "#IAMSORRY" at Cohen Gallery, where the actor donned a tuxedo and paper bag in silence. Before that, there was Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” performance at Pace Gallery and James Franco’s numerous artistic escapades. Let's not forget Joaquin Phoenix’s bearded public outbursts as performance in 2009.

As celebrities continue to roam in the art world, let’s take a moment to consider the artists who have taught us about celebrity culture and the nature of fame including the late, great Pop artist Andy Warhol’s sly, screen-printed critiques and contemporary artist Yung Jake’s interactive investigations into modern sociability. Here are 20 Artists Who Taught Us About the Art of Celebrity.

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