Here's something you don't see every day. Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn has captured a series of stunning photographs that show us what a bullet piercing through a drop of water looks like. While flying bullets are the norm in action flicks and shows like Breaking Bad, you usually don't get to see fired bullets so up-close and personally. Needless to say, photographing these moments took a lot of patience, perfect timing, and an accommodating studio setup. 

After some trial and error, Augusteijn figured out the exact spot where a fired bullet would collide with a single drop of water. The photographer then adjusted his technique according to his calculations, carefully measuring a designated amount of water to be released at the perfect moment. When the droplet reached a predetermined point, a gun would then be fired, activating the camera. The entire procedure takes only about 28 milliseconds, but the setup and work required is certainly something few have the patience to do, and the results are spectacular.

[via MyModernMet]

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