Many people might have been left feeling duped after finding out that the viral “First Kiss” video was actually a fake. Needless to say, the visual was a genius idea by Wren. Get this: Because of the clip, the clothing brand's sales skyrocketed by 14,000 percent. Yes, 14 fucking thousand.

The incredible marketing campaign is now at 71 million plus hits on YouTube. To put that number into perspective, that number is higher than the population of France. 

Wren founder and creative director Melissa Coker penned an explanation of how the video came about and why she thinks it was so successful on Business Insider India. In it, she wrote that "[Wren] set out to create an authentic, touching content marketing campaign in the context of the fashion and style space that took people out of their day jobs." She also said that it the video worked so well because there weren't any products or a "Buy Now!" sign in the visual. Read the entire thing here

[via Refinery29]