We all know someone who is absolutely nuts over their dog. The pooch may fly first-class, get steak dinners, and have designer leashes and collars. And for good reason: dogs are fucking awesome and probably better than most human beings. Some dog owners have taken it to the next level, and are wearing sweaters made from the fur their canine has shed. 

Thanks to Dog Wool, a small company in France, dog-owners can have their pets' sheddings turned into soft, knittable strands that can then be turned into sweaters. Now the people who really adore their dogs can look, feel, and smell like their loved ones. Look—any time there's a way to create clothing in a relatively sustainable manner that isn't cruel to the source, we're all for it. Still though, the below photos by Erwan Fichou of people, their dogs, and their dog-sweaters are hilarious. 

[via The Dodo/ via The Cut]