Introducing a pop of color to New York's currently barren skyline, Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning recently installed Clouds in front of the south east entrance of New York's Central Park, an exhibition presented by Public Art Fund. The vibrant sculptural installation towers 35 feet above the famous park, held up in the air by steel beams. 

Breuning created the six blue clouds out of polished and painted aluminum, cutting the metal to resemble sketches he had drawn. Reminiscent of the doodles of a child or the backdrop of a school play, the 2D shapes break up the city's hectic scenery with a touch of imagination, reminding onlookers to never lose their sense of play and wonder. 

Breuning's Clouds will be on view until Aug. 24, 2014.

[via DesignBoom]

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