The New York Times published a profile on Mark McNairy today, and it revealed quite a few interesting things about the designer. For starters, who knew McNairy designed Pharrell's wedding suit? 

According to the article, Pharrell, who considers McNairy a good friend, asked him to make the tartan suit for the ceremony and patchwork tartan pants for the reception. "I realized I could have gone to any of the other designers or an ordinary seamstress," Pharrell told the Times. "But Mark is the kind of person I love to associate with and love to be around: freethinkers who are untethered by what is going on. And who maybe go in and change things." McNairy and Pharrell do have a great relationship—one that's spawned into the BBC Bee Line and BBC Black collections—so this doesn't really come as a surprise. 

Another interesting bit: McNairy was not a fan of hip-hop before. "The whole thing, hip-hop, it was all about 'me me me,'" McNairy told the NY TImes. That, of course, has changed; Both Pusha T and Cam'ron have walked in a McNairy show in the last two years.

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[via NY Times]