We first spotted Justin Hager's work on Twitter—a sketch of Beyoncé and Jay Z posing as the couple in American Gothic, but instead of a pitchfork, they had a surfboar(t) between them. It makes sense that the Internet brought us to Hager's work because his paintings and drawings, mash-ups of cultural references that range from Jay Z to J.D. Salinger, are irresistibly sharable. 

The artist's pieces usually start with two of his favorite things, like The Beach Boys and Boyz n the Hood, which come together in clever pop culture puns: Beach Boyz n the Hood. We got in touch with Hager about how he comes up with his comical creations. Check out our Portfolio Review: Justin Hager Talks His Hilarious Pop Culture Mash-Ups.

You can find more from Hager on his Instagram and Twitter.

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