Last night, the below photo started circulating Twitter. People had their doubts, but 65% off of Ralph Lauren is more than enough to get people to take a leap of faith. And now, news is that Ralph Lauren is going to honor any purchases made before midnight with the ridiculous deal. People took to Twitter to celebrate the "road to flourishment" and spread the good word on how other people could become walking Ralph Lauren ads. We gathered up the best of Twitter Reacts to the 65% Off Ralph Lauren Code Leak.

Son. Last night was like reparations. Had me singing old negro spirituals. Cuz 65%

— Just Blaze (@JustBlaze) March 17, 2014

I bought 5 leathers, 10 shoes, 4 sneakers, 4 jackets, 12 polos, 2 sweaters, 3 hoodies, 2 backpacks, 1 duffel, 4 dog sweaters, and an object.

— Just Blaze (@JustBlaze) March 17, 2014

I went off. Broke for a couple of days RT @Nigel_D: How much money did y'all spend on Ralph Lauren last night?

— D (@DopeeItsD) March 17, 2014

Black Twitter slid in those Polo vaults last night like

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ) March 17, 2014

So yea, thanks to twitter my daughter will have enough polo to last her for the next 21 years.

— Joe (@JoeFreshgoods) March 17, 2014

Polo resellers coming soon

— ernnytheman (@ernnytheman) March 17, 2014

BREHS, I just got off the phone with a Ralph Lauren customer service rep. If you placed an order with the code it will be honored....WE WON

— Nature (@DeionGottaSTFU) March 17, 2014

That wasn't an earthquake, that was the Ralph Lauren sales team meeting.

— Kazeem Famuyide (@RealLifeKaz) March 17, 2014

Copping the finest polo linens for the bedroom. Gotta have bae laying in that

— Kazeem Famuyide (@RealLifeKaz) March 17, 2014

4 Inspector gadget jackets for the whole team RT @_retardedgenius: Prolly just made the worse drunk decision ever on the polo site

— Ravishing Robby. (@RobbyRav) March 17, 2014


— The Kid Mero (@THEKIDMERO) March 17, 2014

Ralph Lauren employees doing extra overtime tomorrow at the warehouse when they wake up to all this.

— Dynamics • £ (@theDYNAMICS) March 17, 2014

Ralph Lauren when he find out this employee discount got out tomorrow morning

— Dakari Antoine (@Kari_Sheen) March 17, 2014

This Ralph Lauren discount craze feels like an episode of Oprah where she comes out and screams free Ralph Lauren for everrrrryybody.

— Steve & Steven (UNE) (@UrbanNoize) March 17, 2014

Dude traded his Ralph Lauren employee discount code for his man's Netflix login...and unleashed the #PoloPurge

— El Cosby Esq... (@TheCosby) March 17, 2014

the power of twitter: crashed the Ralph Lauren website at 2 in the morning and made it trend. because of a leaked discount code.

— Trey (@trreeey) March 17, 2014