Sure, recess may be a thing of the past for those in college. However, no one is saying university students shouldn't be allowed to feel like kids every now and then. Just look at what the geniuses at Technical University of Munich did. A few years ago, the renowned German school decided to build and install two 4-story slides inside one of its university buildings. Now, instead of hurtling down the stairs or waiting for the elevator, students can glide down the cylindrical slides. 

Though they do seem like a quicker, more thrilling way to get downstairs, you have to wonder how efficient these slides really are, as it looks like anyone who wants to go down the slides must have his own foam mat. In any case, kudos to Technical University of Munich for bringing some schoolyard fun to college. Check out the video below to see these college students slide down the installation for the first time.

[via PSFK]

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