Google usually builds offices that put the typical workplace to shame, and their Amsterdam headquarters are no exception. The funky space was designed by Dutch firm D/DOCK and includes waffle ceilings, a bicycle-themed reception desk, and a meeting room that looks like a 1960s campsite.

 According to the Contemporist, the garage where Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google was the inspiration for the design. Harking back to that D.I.Y. aesthetic, the office feels unpretentious and makeshift but is put together with impeccable attention to detail.

The office is designed with sustainability in mind, using non-toxic materials, and includes references to Dutch culture with Stroopwafel ceiling panels, a gingerbread wall, and graphics inspired by Delft patterns.

“It is a place that makes the employee perform better by offering a work environment that meets their needs," says D/DOCK’s partner Coen van Dijck. “Happiness, comfort, flexibility, relaxation, well balanced nutrition, exercise, daylight, fresh air and visual stimulation are some of the fundamentals that makes this office a healthy one.”

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