Sitting all day not only increases our chances of heart disease, but it can also stunt creative, we think. Designers Mikey Chen and Sam Carmichael come to the rescue, teaming up to create the UpStanding Desk, a mini table that encourages us to think on our feet.

Small, portable, and adjustable, the UpStanding Desk is designed to sit on top of an existing desk or table; it consists of two levels. The top deck is for a monitor, while the bottom is for a laptop, keyboard, or mouse. Both tiers can be adjusted in one-inch increments to accommodate your height. Made from five pieces of plywood, the entire desk is also light and easy to assemble.

Chen and Carmichael recently took to Kickstarter to gather funds and promote their creation. Those who pledge $200 or more will receive their own desk. So far, it seems like people are nuts about the product, as it has already acquired over $19,000 in funds, exceeding its original goal of $10,000. Those interested still have 20 days to donate to the UpStanding Desk fund and get one of their own. For a detailed look at the handy, mini desk, check out some of the pictures above and video below.

[via Kickstarter]

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