DOPE initially introduced a Cam’ron collection last year, but it was never released because Killa Cam never co-signed. Thankfully the jawnz gawds pulled these out of collaboration limbo, and they are finally seeing the light of day. The two camps broke bread and squashed the beef so both can cake up and keep the streets looking fresh.

“Super stoked that this collab is finally going to get released. Everybody at Dope including myself is a huge fan of Killa Cam and the entire Dipset family. I'm glad the beef was squashed and the fans of Cam'ron and Dope are going to have the opportunity to get their hands on this collection” said Matt Fields, DOPE CEO and Founder.

The collection consists of all Cam’ron and Dipset inspired items from lyrics to black and pink bandanas knotted up on hats in place of snapback closures. And a must for a Killa Collection is a graphic print of his meme-worthy “You Mad” quote on a tee. The catch is that these will be on sale for only 24 hours on the DOPE website and in-store located at 454 N Fairfax Ave.