We got wind that a Cam'ron collaboration was coming out this weekend with Los Angeles streetwear brand DOPE, and would feature tees that read, "You Mad," and "I Used to Get It in Ohio." Needless to say, we were crazy hyped over the prospect of this collection. Unfortunately, this collection isn't happening.

According to Karen Civil, Cam'ron didn't agree to the collection being released. In an interview with the gossip site, Cam released this statement:

“This dude calls from DOPE like, ‘Yo we’re putting out the capsule Cam clothes deal that we made in a couple weeks.’ I never signed off on anything with them. I didn’t cosign on the artwork or designs. I’m not going to allow them to have had conversations with my manager a year and a half ago about doing something because their company is in trouble, and now they see that I’m doing good in fashion, they think they just gon’ throw this out there. I’m not cosigning that. I’ll put it on Instagram and everything that I’m not doing it.”

Which prompted a response from DOPE's owner, Matt Fields, that read like this:

“I want to apologize to our customers for promoting product that is not going to be released. I understand that this is a disappointment to many and I wish that I was able to release the project in the positive and supportive light it was intended to be. Throughout the creative process I was led to believe that we had the support from Cam’ron and knew nothing of his disapproval until after we announced the release of the collection. I was excited for this collaboration and it is unfortunate that I was not able to resolve this amicably with Cam’ron.”

Our dreams are shattered. It may be Killa Season year-round, and Cam's new mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, just released, but we wanted our "Yo, I advise you to step son, 'fore I fuck your moms, make you my step son," T-shirt, really bad.

[via Karen Civil]