A first glance at the Dockers Wellthread Collection will tell you that this is far from your dad’s favorite pleated khaki brand. But there is more to it than upgraded stylish looks. What happens behind the scenes is not the typical production line approach.

Developed in the LS&Co's Eureka Innovation Lab, the collection makes a conscious effort to better its production process by approaching it with sustainable design and good environmental practices. In turn, this will help improve the well-being of the people who make the clothes.

Style isn’t sacrificed in the collection itself. Included are your go-to khakis in various dyed colors, tees, outerwear, crewnecks, and button-downs. Key items to have on your radar are a solid blazer in a nice hue of blue, and a lemon yellow lightweight field jacket that’s perfect for spring.

Visit the Dockers website to shop the collection.