A few months ago, Cool Hunting made a trip to El Segundo, Calif., where they stopped by the headquarters of Mattel. There, Cool Hunting got a tour of the Hot Wheels design studio and captured some behind-the-scenes footage of the magic that happens inside the toymakers' workspace. They got a peek of some never-before-seen products and chatted with head of design Felix Holst about the toy cars' evolution and unique designs from.

Turns out, a lot of the guys who work at the Hot Wheels design studio have previously studied car design or worked in the automobile industry before arriving at Mattel. Holst, who designed real cars for six months, eventually turned to a life of toy-making, and he has never looked back.

"It's become a very aspirational place to work. This is not a place to take yourself too seriously. You've got to have a passion for play," Holst said. So basically he has the best job ever. Check out  Cool Hunting's video below to see what we mean:





[via CoolHunting]

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