Big Sean isn't trying to be just another rapper with a clothing line. From the beginning, his sartorial effort was above and beyond what others have done. Since Aura Gold's inception, the line has been a direct representation of Sean's own style, amplifying both his vintage and athletic choice in clothing.  

"I think it’s gonna be a brand that’s going to be around for a long time," Sean recently told Hypebeast. "The spring season’s been oversold, things have been selling out like crazy. It just has a cool flavor to it that I think people are really surprised by." 

Aura Gold's lion logo and gold accents have become increasingly recognizable within the past year. And although the brand's inaugural delivery featured a predominately black base, Sean insists forthcoming collections will include more color and brightness. "There’s some pieces that I like, and some I don’t like as much," he says. "If i made just what I liked, there wouldn’t be that many pieces. I try and design what I would like to wear but I also encompass what’s fitting for the public."

Prior to releasing his Def Jam debut, Finally Famous, a chance meeting with Pharrell, NIGO and several BAPE designers sparked his interest in becoming more than a rapper.

"I remember I was at a roundtable when I was 19 with NIGOPharrell, and KanyeKanye was the one that obviously had me there, alongside all of the designers for BAPE...They were celebrating their anniversary and talking about fashion, so I’ve been around this," he said. "If I didn’t do something like Aura Gold, then I would be slippin’ so I got to show appreciation to my influences. That was a one in a million type of situation I was placed in and to be around people like that, those are the guys that have been doing it 20 years plus, and I’m 20 something years old." 

When Sean's not draped up in Aura Gold, he's usually stunting in #BEENTRILL. So when he was asked about possible collaborations, Sean was quick to mention his pals who placed his face on a rare T-shirt for the launch of their flagship store. "Obviously I’m close to Virgil Abloh, Matt Williams with #BEEN#TRILL and all those guys so maybe something like that."

[via Hypebeast]