Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing without a trace and the world is still baffled as to how that could have happened. The Wall Street Journal has done a little digging and found that 18 of the 239 people on the plane are artists from China who were leaving a three-day exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. 

Among them was 69-year-old Wang Linshu who is described as "a master of traditional painting and a calligrapher, 76-year-old Liu Rusheng who is "known for his mastery of portraiture, birds and flowers," and 34-year-old Maimaitijiang Abula who is an emerging talent from Kashgar, China. The three men and others in the group are regarded by some as "heavyweights in the Chinese art scene," and the people and organizations that know them have come forward to praise them both as artists and as human beings.

We're curious about the identity of the other 221 passengers as well. Hopefully the plane will be found soon and everyone will be alive and able to tell their own stories.

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[via Wall Street Journal]